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SHPC Happenings

May 1, 2023

Greetings fellow pickleballers. Our season is moving into high gear as we transition to warm weather and many of our SHPC members return from winter destinations.

We have a few updates for you:

SHPC Membership

If you have not joined/rejoined the SHPC, remember that memberships should be renewed by June 1. Click to renew/join.

City Support for Pickleball Do you know where your City Council member stands on pickleball and public, dedicated courts for South Haven? It’s a good idea to understand where your ward’s council member stands and if they are willing to support the effort.

Dedicated Pickleball Courts

The SHPC continues work to identify options for public, dedicated pickleball courts.


We are working with a local vender to make SHPC shirts available online, more information to come.

Outdoor Play at South Haven High School

We hope that the tennis courts are lined for pickleball by June. We will provide an update when we have news.

Lake Arvesta Memberships

Lake Arvesta Outdoor memberships are back and start May 1. Please see Lake Arvesta website for details:

Parking Consideration at Senior Center

If you are playing pickleball at the Senior Center during Senior Center hours, please be mindful and leave closer parking spots for those who may be challenged with a longer walk.

Team Reach Message Traffic

You might notice that messages on the Team Reach app can sometimes be numerous. We kindly ask you to consider whether a message/reply to all is necessary. If not, please use the direct message option and help reduce the number of messages. Thanks you for considering!


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