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Pickleball Court Project

After the encouraging completion of our donor survey, we’ve had further discussions with SHARA about the grant applications for moving forward with the 14th Street Recreation Park. It has been determined that the grant we were hoping to apply for by April 1st would not score well and would most likely not succeed.

Since that time, it has been announced that SHARA is making an application for purchasing land from the DNR at Blue Star Hwy and 2nd Ave, commonly known as the Riverwoods Property (73240 2nd Avenue).

The property will be developed for recreation and the Kal Haven Trail covered bridge top was saved and could be used on a path connecting to the Kal Haven Trail. This location is going to be considered for Pickleball Courts, Dog Park, Kayak Launch or Mountain Bike Trails. The SHPC and the Dog Park group have endorsed the acquisition of this property. Once the property is acquired, we will be looking to join in grant applications and pickleball court construction at this location.

Attached is the press release about the property.

Shara Riverwoods property Press Release
Download PDF • 484KB


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