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Pickleball at South Haven High School

June 7, 2023

We received an update from Kevin Schooley, SHPS Superintendent, regarding the painting of pickleball lines on the tennis courts at the South Haven High School. The work on the tennis courts began this week and lines for pickleball are being put in place. The courts should be ready for pickleball play early next week.

According to the superintendent, someone taped pickleball lines on the courts in the last couple weeks. The adhesive from the tape took up paint from the courts. Because the courts were scheduled for work, the issue is able to be corrected. Otherwise, this would have been an expensive fix. It is not assumed that it was a SHPC member, but the superintendent asked that we share this item and ask members to be aware. Additionally, if you notice any delamination of the paint during the summer, please notify Kevin Schooley via email at so that it may be addressed during the warranty period for the court surface.


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