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Independence Day Parade

The South Haven Pickleball Club would like to remind you that we have sponsored an entry in the July 4th parade this year. Thank you to the July 4th Parade Committee led by the Dinking Divas women’s group. Our entry will be led by a SHPB Club banner, the Chaparro's vintage yellow truck, followed by the Macknica's pink golf cart carrying extra candy, the Ugol's green mule carrying water for PB walkers, and ending with the Haller's GTO.

On Tuesday, July 4th at 9:30 a.m. we will gather at the SHPS tennis/pickleball court area to organize and prepare for line up in the parade no later than 10 a.m. The parade begins at 11.

You are highly encouraged to carpool or be dropped off or walk to this area. It will be highly congested. There is parking in the front of the High School as well as Elkenberg Street. The parade begins at the High School, travels down Kalamazoo St, to Phoenix St, onto Broadway Ave, Huron St and Center Street before returning to the High School.

Walkers with pickleball tshirts, paddles, pennants, buckets of candy, friendship bracelets and mini pickleballs will be walking on each side of the vehicles, HANDING (NO Throwing) candy, etc. to parade goers.

Please join us in the fun.....all are welcome!!


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